5 Ways to Care for Your Hair System

 Like any major purchase or investment you make, you want to take good care of your hair system so it will last as long as possible while looking its best. But you may be wondering how to properly care for your hair system to achieve this goal. Let the following five expert tips be your guide!

1. Regular Service

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep your hair system looking its best is to have regular servicing done by your system provider.

At Hairfax, we encourage our clients with human hair systems to have two sets to make the servicing aspect faster and easier for them. We remove one system, bond and style the second one and off you go!

When you return for your next service appointment, your first system will be ready and looking like new! Between appointments, your first system will undergo a 4-5 hour process which includes stripping the base of residue; washing; deep-conditioning; colouring; steaming; and styling.

2. At home, we recommend that you don’t wash your system too much.

There is no need to wash it every day. If you prefer to wash your natural hair daily, you should wash just your natural hair and avoid shampooing your system. Daily washing strips the system of moisture, causing premature fading and discolouration.

3. Be Gentle.

Treat your system with care when you wash it. Washing vigorously can tear hairs out.

4. Pat dry; don’t rub.

Again, be gentle to avoid pulling out hairs.

5. Use conditioners.

It is best to avoid as many tangles as possible, to minimize the hairs you will pull out with brushing.

If you find that your human hair system doesn’t wear as well as you would like, ask us about a Biolon system. Biolon is the newest advancement in hair replacement systems. It looks and feels just like real human hair, but it doesn’t tangle, fade, or break and is also heat resistant.


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