3 Hair Loss Myths Debunked

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We’ve all heard our share of myths about hair loss: It’s caused by old age; by shampooing too much; standing on your head will make your hair grow. Our personal favourite (and one some people in our industry may like you to believe): You can re-grow dead hair follicles/ hair you’ve lost. All of these statements are FALSE. FALSE. FALSE.

Here are some more common untruths about hair loss and why they are just myths.

1. Myth: Hats Make Your Hair Fall Out

As much as one may like to blame their hair loss on something that seems to make sense- based solely on proximity to the scalp- this simply isn’t true. Wearing a hat does not cause hair loss because it in no way affects the hair root. Having a hat resting on top of the head doesn’t clog, pull, or “suffocate” the root of the hair. Since hair loss only happens at the root, this myth is debunked.

2. Myth: Perms/ Dyeing/ Hair Styling Can Cause Hair Loss

Hair styling, dyeing and perms may cause the hair to become dry and brittle, and may even cause some breakage of the hair. However, it does not affect the root of the hair and, therefore, the hair will re-grow. As long as the root system is intact, the hair will grow back- this myth is debunked.

3. Myth: Poor Diet Causes Hair Loss

This seems to be a reasonable possibility, right? Wrong. While certain mineral deficiencies and severe malnutrition may affect hair loss, a generalized poor diet will not. Consider this: Very few people who are shown in PSAs depicting extremely poor nutritional circumstances in third world countries are without hair. Myth debunked.

What does cause hair loss?

In most cases, hair loss is caused by hormones (primarily DHT, a by-product of testosterone), genetics, or illnesses (such as thyroid conditions and diabetes). In rare cases, there may be other medical factors involved.

For more information on what does cause hair loss, read “Why am I losing my hair?

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