A common question on the minds of people who experience hair loss is: “Will my medical insurance cover hair restoration?” While some private medical insurance policies will pay a portion of the cost of hair restoration in certain situations, there is no known policy that will pay the entire amount.

However, in some cases, the cost of hair restoration may be tax-deductable. When a Doctor has determined that a patient’s hair loss is caused by a medical condition (and provides the patient with a medical note), the cost can then be considered a medical expense and be claimed on the patient’s personal income tax.

At Hairfax, we understand the inner struggle that people face when they are dealing with hair loss. It is common to feel anger, frustration, confusion, despair and reduced self-esteem. You may even feel as if you no longer want to do the things you used to enjoy. And you may feel hopeless to fix the problem because of financial restrictions.

We know that very few people are able to simply go to the bank and withdrawal enough cash to pay for hair restoration in one lump sum. And we don’t expect you to. That’s why we offer a convenient, monthly payment plan, OAC. Our financing is provided through TD Bank, often with zero interest charges (OAC), making repayment faster and easier for you.

It is important to seek treatment for hair loss as soon as possible because early detection means more options for restoration.

If you are experiencing hair loss and would like more information on your options, schedule your FREE consultation with Larry today! You’ll learn more about your own hair loss, as well as the best restoration option(s) for you. In other words, you’ll get the answers you want, from a knowledgeable and experienced source, absolutely FREE. You may even qualify for our no-risk trial program.

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