*This is a true story about one woman’s experience with hair loss. Her name has been changed to protect her privacy. This story was written with her full consent and approval of the content. Read part 1 and part 2 of Nicole’s story.

When Nicole arrived for her appointment at 3:45pm on a Thursday, she was taken right into the room that the procedure would be performed in. Angela came in and took Nicole to have her hair and scalp washed, and then it was just Nicole and Larry in the room. Larry explained what he was going to do before he began the procedure, and Nicole knew ahead of time to expect the procedure to take at least three hours.

First, Larry used a “tape-like” material to make a mould of Nicole’s scalp. The mould indicated the area of the scalp that contained the thinning hair. He then traced around the mould to mark the area of her scalp that needed to be shaved. The mould would also be used to shape the hair replacement system to fit Nicole’s head.

“I almost felt like crying when he shaved it- what a feeling.”

Next, Larry shaved the area of Nicole’s head where the hair replacement system would be applied. It was, understandably, the scariest part of the procedure for Nicole.

“I just kept thinking about the end result.”

Once the area was shaven, Larry applied four coats of a bonding agent, allowing each one to set before applying the next. Nicole said the bonding agent did not bother her scalp and it didn’t burn.

To complete the procedure, Larry applied the hair replacement system. The bonding agent adhered the system to Nicole’s scalp.

“It fit comfortably; I didn’t really feel it.”

Once the system was applied, Angela returned to the room to style Nicole’s hair. She cut and styled the system to create a seamless transition with Nicole’s remaining hair. Nicole said the system doesn’t itch on her scalp; it just feels a bit heavier than before. The entire procedure took about three hours.

“You can’t tell it’s not my hair. I am really pleased!”

After the procedure, Nicole admitted that she was a bit nervous about washing her hair. She was worried that the system may move or come off. However, after the first wash she said that the system feels secure and she is no longer worried about washing it.

“It takes half the time to get ready now.”

Since she no longer needs to apply eye shadow to her scalp, getting ready is no longer a chore. Nicole enjoys being able to touch her hair for the first time in years, without fear of her hands turning black from eye shadow transfer.

“I was pleased that no one noticed.”

Three days after her procedure, Nicole attended a large family gathering with approximately 50 people. Her children, sisters, aunts and uncles were among those there. Nicole was curious if people would notice that she had had something done.

One sister asked her if she had changed the colour of her hair because the system is slightly lighter in the sun than her previous colour was.

Her daughter was aware that Nicole was having the procedure done, but her sons didn’t know and didn’t notice the change. When she later told them, they found it hard to believe.

No one noticed at work either. One co-worker asked her if she was styling her hair differently, but suspected nothing.

“I’m glad I did it. It’s done and it looks good.”

Nicole’s Message for other Women Experiencing Hair Loss:

“I had to either accept it and let it go or do something about it. I decided to do something about it. It’s not that I feel prettier now. The way it was bothering me, it was the best decision [to have the procedure] I could have made for myself. I feel better about me.”

Like many women, Nicole felt it wasn’t normal for a woman to lose her hair. The experience, however, is far more common among women than most people realize.

If you are a woman who is experiencing hair loss, you are not alone. Choosing to seek treatment as soon as possible will help you get the answers and information you need to move past hair loss and feel better about you. Call Larry today. You’ll be glad you did.

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