In our previous post, we indicated that DHT is the primary culprit in general hair loss. This statement begs the question:

“How do I stop DHT?”

There are a few DHT-blocking options available, although most are not without their drawbacks. Here we explore the pros and cons of DHT blockers.


Propecia is a prescription medication which contains the active ingredient finestride, and is marketed to help men who are experiencing hair loss. The company who created Propecia did so as a result of a positive side effect that was being reported in patients who used another of their medications, Proscar, to treat prostate conditions.

Proscar users reported an improvement in their hair loss. It was then discovered that finestride, the active ingredient in Proscar was effective in blocking DHT and thus reducing or eliminating hair loss. Essentially, Propecia and Proscar are the same medications, but Propecia is packaged in a smaller dosage and marketed to combat hair loss.

Propecia is not suitable for women and has been reported to lower libido in men.


Avodart contains the active ingredient dutasteride and is a slightly more effective DHT blocker than Propecia. Like Propecia, it also carries a risk of side effects and is not suitable for female use.

Active 8 Line of Products

Activ8 Intensify

Activ8 is a line of products containing all-natural ingredients, which is formulated for optimal hair and scalp health. Intensify is the DHT blocker in the Activ8 line, also containing all-natural ingredients. It is not a pharmaceutical product. There are no known side effects associated with Activ8 Intensify and it is suitable for use in both men and women.

It is important to note that DHT blockers will slow down or stop hair loss, but they will not cause regrowth. Hair that has been lost cannot be regrown. For best results, DHT blockers should be used in conjunction with other specially-formulated hair maintenance products, such as those in the Activ8 line.

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