When faced with a personal condition such as hair loss, it is all-too-easy to get caught up in the hype about one product that promises to solve your problem. The truth is that there is no one-step solution to the effective maintenance of existing hair. Products which claim to be such a solution can actually make the problem worse.

For example: a vassal dilator, such as Rogaine, is designed to increase blood flow to the scalp, which in turn increases the supply of nutrients to the hair. Sounds good, right? Not exactly. If you recall from our previous posts, DHT (the primary culprit in general hair loss) is also found in the blood stream. Increasing blood flow to the scalp will also increase the amount of DHT attacking the hair follicles. Used alone, a vassal dilator can actually speed up the hair loss process.

DHT blockers would help solve the increased DHT issue caused by a vassal dilator, but one would still be ignoring sebum – another contributing factor in hair loss. Sebum is oil buildup on the scalp, which also contains DHT. Sebum clogs hair shafts, constricting hair follicles, which causes miniaturization and eventual loss.

Proper hair loss prevention requires multiple steps.

Step 1: Block DHT

Eliminate the main culprit. A DHT blocker, pharmaceutical or natural, is the first step to prevention of hair loss.

Step 2: Increase Blood Flow

With the DHT under control, apply a vassal dilator to increase blood flow and nutrient supply to the hair.

Step 3: Remove Sebum

Use a cleanser that is specially formulated to treat sebum build up. It will break down the sebum and remove it from the scalp.

Step 4: Clean the Hair

A specially formulated shampoo will remove build up of oil and styling products on the hair shaft. Keep in mind that it will also remove natural oils from the hair.

Step 5: Add Moisture

A specially formulated conditioner is needed to return the natural oils stripped from the hair and scalp during cleansing and shampooing. This will prevent dryness in the hair and scalp.

Step 6: Laser Hair Treatment

This step is complimentary to the first five steps in effective hair maintenance and has recently become available as a convenient in-home treatment. Laser hair treatment promotes blood flow to the scalp, reducing itching & scalp irritations, as well as promoting healthy hair growth.

We’ve used the term “specially formulated” multiple times in this post. The reason being that some store brand shampoos and conditioners can actually leave a residue behind; still others have an unbalanced PH level and are generally unhealthy for your hair and scalp.

All of the steps to effective hair loss prevention can be found in the Activ8 line of specially formulated, all-natural products, including in-home laser hair treatment.

To learn more about effective hair loss prevention and the Activ8 line of products, schedule your FREE consultation with Larry today!

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