If you have lost all or most of the hair on the top of your head, but don’t want to go from “bald” to “bold” overnight, we have the solution for you. Our new Geometrix line of hair replacement systems lets you achieve your hair restoration goal in steps, using a series of systems in varying hair densities.

The membrane of the Geometrix hair replacement systems is virtually invisible. When adhered to the scalp, it becomes translucent, giving a completely natural look- as if your own hair is re-growing.

You can start with a very light density system, then step up to progressively higher densities over time. This allows you time to adjust to your new look and also gives the appearance of re-growth at a gradual and more believable rate. Depending on your desired end density, you can choose as few or as many steps as you like to reach your goal.

In the end, any former indication of receding or thinning hair will be gone. In its place will be an expertly re-created front hairline, which blends subtly on your forehead, is aesthetically perfect and virtually undetectable.

The Image at the top of this page is an example of what the steps of progressive hair replacement can look like. Your personal results may vary, based on your degree of hair loss and desired end density.

Want to learn more about the Geometrix progressive hair replacement solution? Schedule your free consultation with Larry today!

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