Unique Customized Hair Replacement Systems

Hair replacement systems can be customized in a variety of densities, colours, textures, lengths and so on. At Hairfax, we take customization a step further. Some of our clients have unique needs and we are more than happy to design a custom-shaped system that fits them perfectly. Below are some examples of various situations in which a client required a unique, custom-shaped system to be created.

All names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

Case 1: John Davis

Mr. Davis has an irregular-shaped scar on the top of his head, as a result of a motor vehicle accident.He has undergone multiple scar revisioning surgeries, but is still left with scar tissue. He has a slightly receding hairline, but otherwise his natural hair density is good.

He did not require the usual oval-shaped membrane which covers the top of the scalp, as most clients would use. What Mr. Davis needed was a system that would simply cover the scar tissue in the mid-top frontal area of his scalp and his mildly receded hairline.

We created a fibreglass mould of the area to be covered (almost anchor-shaped) and, as we do with all clients, took hair samples to match colour, texture, direction and style to determine positioning of hair in the membrane. We then created a full membrane (oval-shaped) and used the mould as a template to cut the membrane to the exact size and shape required.

The system was then adhered to Mr. Davis’ head and blended with his existing hair. The scar is out of sight and mind, and it is virtually impossible to detect that he has a hair replacement system.

Case 2: William Alexander

Mr. Alexander had a skin cancer the circumference of a grapefruit removed from the left side of his head. He required skin grafting to replace the tissue.

His natural hair density was good, so he only required a replacement system for the circular area on the side of his head. As with Mr. Davis, we created a fibreglass mould of the area, took hair samples and created a full membrane.

We used the mould to cut a section of the membrane to fit the affected area; used our medical-grade adhesive to ensure a firm grip, and blended the system seamlessly with his surrounding natural hair. If you didn’t know Mr. Alexander personally, you would have no idea he had ever undergone a major surgery.

Case 3: James Smith

As the result of a motor vehicle accident, Mr. Smith has a small linear scar in his moustache area. To conceal this, we created a very small strip system to adhere to the scar tissue, which matches his moustache and blends in with the rest of his facial hair.

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