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If you’ve never had a reason to learn about hair restoration options before, you may be under the misunderstanding that all wigs are created equally. You may even believe that all wigs look fake, ie: visibly detectable.

In reality, there are a minimum of five different types of wigs, varying by material and construction; most of which are fully customizable in a plethora of colours, lengths, styles, curl patterns and thicknesses, including highlights and lowlights in specified areas.

There are three primary materials used in wigs: synthetic hair, human hair and biolon.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic hair is the least expensive material used in wigs. Although popular for its price point, synthetic hair is more rigid than human or biolon hair and also tends to frizz when exposed to heat.

There are three different types of synthetic wigs.

The wefted wig is an entry-level, machine-made wig. Synthetic hairs are machine-sewn onto bands of material, which are then constructed into a cap. The wefting material comes in various colours to blend with the colour of the hair in the wig.

The mono-top wig features a mono-filament area on the top portion of the cap. The mono-filament is clear, allowing one’s natural scalp colour to show through in parting. The hair in the mono-top section of the wig is single hair injected, meaning it is hand-sewn into the cap, one strand at a time, for a more natural look. The sides and back of the mono-top wig are wefted.

Hand-tied wigs use mono-top construction, with the back and sides featuring hair that is hand-tied into mesh. Some hand-tied wigs still use wefting as well, but the wefting is attached to mesh fabric and includes hand-tied portions throughout.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair flows more freely than synthetic, is more resistant to frizzing, but tends to fade. Wigs made of human hair fetch a higher price point because they look more natural, are more difficult to make and have added features.

Wigs made of human hair also use mono-top construction, with wefting at the sides and back. They also feature polyurethane lining along the base for a more comfortable and secure fit.

Club W Biolon Wigs

Biolon is the latest advancement in replacement hair materials. It looks and feels just like human hair, but resists fading like human hair does and is less prone to tangling, making it easier to care for. These wigs are designed primarily for people with complete hair loss, such as those affected by alopecia.

The wigs are very lightweight and have a completely clear mesh cap, allowing natural scalp tone to show throughout. They are constructed using only SHI (single hair injected) technology – no wefting – and also feature added polyurethane for extra grip.

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