Hair replacement systems have a poor and outdated reputation of looking unnatural. In the past, if one were to say that another’s ‘hair piece’ looked like an animal curled up on their head, it may have been an accurate description. Thankfully, non-surgical hair replacement systems have come a long way.

Old systems were constructed by sewing 4-5 hairs into the scalp cap at a time and knotting them together. Since human hair doesn’t grow in groups of 4-5 from any one follicle, it’s no wonder the old style often resembled a furry pet.

Today’s hair replacement systems are constructed using Single Hair Injected (SHI) technology. This means the hairs are sewn into the scalp cap one at a time, creating a natural-looking density.

Rather than the standardized thickness of the past, today’s systems are fully customized to make a seamless transition with one’s existing hair. Factors like age, lifestyle and expectation of fullness are taken into consideration. Choosing a hair replacement system doesn’t mean you’ll have as much hair as you did when you were 15, unless you want it.

The days of striving for heavy density in an attempt to hide the cap are long gone. Natural density is in.

Besides boasting a natural look from a distance, today’s SHI systems also look like the real thing up close. Advancements in the materials used in the caps help them to blend subtly with the wearer’s scalp.

SHI replacement systems applied to the scalp with a bonding agent can even be worn in a pool. When the wearer emerges from the pool, even wet, no one can tell their hair isn’t authentic. The combination of advancements in cap materials and SHI technology make today’s hair replacement systems virtually undetectable.

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