“In most cultures, a full head of hair is the epitome of feminine beauty and the tower of female gender identity. When a woman loses her hair, she may feel like she is losing her identity and often suffers from secret shame. This can be a traumatic experience with devastating impact on a woman’s self confidence.” ~ Club W brochure

Hair loss can be caused by many factors, including various hair disorders; disease; hormones & stress; poor nutrition and medication.  Whatever the cause, we know that regaining your sense of confidence is very important. At Hairfax, we are here to help.

Over the years, the term “wig” has gained a poor reputation. It is often associated with other terms like ‘fake’, ‘uncomfortable’, ‘unnatural’ and ‘unattractive’. In some cases, these associative words may be accurate. However, they are not true of all hair replacement systems.

The newest line of hair loss alternatives available at Hairfax is especially designed for women with medical hair loss needs. Club W hair systems are made out of 100% Biolon®, a natural alternative that looks, feels and moves like real human hair.

The incredibly light, non-slip foundation hugs your scalp just like a second skin and allows natural tone to filter through. Stretch panels located behind the ears allow for natural movement and added comfort, even for eye glass wearers.

Club W hair solutions can be curled and styled exactly like your own hair and can also be colour customized, including highlights or even touches of grey.


See and feel the difference of Biolon for yourself. Arrange your free consultation with Larry today! 

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