For some, the word “wig” still conjures up images of artificial hair which sits atop one’s head in an awkward manner, looking so obviously out-of-place that it might as well be screaming “Hey, look at me, I’m fake.”

Thankfully, there have been numerous advancements in non-surgical hair replacement over the years, which have given us the ability to fit our customers with hair systems that match their own natural hair in style, colour and texture.

The wigs of today can be coloured, highlighted, and cut to blend perfectly with remaining natural hair, and fixed securely to the scalp to allow for strenuous activity and swimming. The result is a product that looks so natural; you will be the only one who knows you’re wearing it.

Until recently, non-surgical hair replacement systems were available in either synthetic or human hair, each option with its own benefits and short comings. The introduction of Biolon hair systems has raised the bar in non-surgical hair replacement.

Biolon is a synthetic product which is incredibly similar in appearance and feel to natural human hair. For the purposes of hair replacement, it is actually superior to human hair. Biolon blends extremely well with natural hair and, unlike human hair, it resists fading when coloured. Its fade-resistance and durability lets it stand up against sun, salt, water and even the chlorine in swimming pools, without the need for regular colour maintenance.

See and feel the difference of Biolon for yourself. Arrange your free consultation with Larry today!

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