Early Indicators of Hair Loss

The first true indication of hair loss is shrinking hair follicles. Of course, this cannot be seen with the naked eye. What you may notice is that you hair doesn’t look or feel as thick, likely in certain areas.

If hair follicles are miniaturizing, they will continue to do so until they eventually fall out. You may find that you notice more hairs than usual coming out in the shower, your hairbrush or on your pillow.

Once a hair has fallen out, it cannot be re-grown. However, miniaturized follicles can be re-thickened, thus restoring density to your hair.

Using an Activ8 ScanHair device, the only one of its kind in Atlantic Canada, Larry can show you close-up images of your hair and scalp, allowing you to actually see any miniaturized hairs.

Factors that Increase the Risk of Hair Loss

If you are someone who has oily hair, scalp and/or skin, you are likely at an increased risk of hair loss. This is because sebum (the build-up of oil on the scalp) can clog the area around your hair shaft, causing constriction which leads to miniaturized follicles and eventually hair loss.

People who enjoy an active lifestyle may also be at an increased risk of hair loss. This is because a large amount of activity increases testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone produces DHT, which attacks hair follicles causing miniaturization and eventual loss.

Likewise, people who take testosterone supplements to help “bulk up” at the gym are also at an increased risk of hair loss.

Early Detection

If you suspect that you may be experiencing hair loss- even if it doesn’t seem “that bad”, you should not let it go. It will progress. Early detection gives you more options, including preventative treatments that can help you maintain the hair you have and also re-thicken shrinking hair follicles.

The earlier you seek help, the more options you will have for restoration.

Hairfax is pleased to offer a free, no-hassle consultation to help you understand hair loss and find a solution that works for you and your lifestyle.

Call Larry today. You’ll be glad you did.




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