The dos and don’ts of hair loss

Do: Talk to your doctor or hair restoration specialist (such as Hairfax) as soon as possible. Early consultation allows for more treatment options.

Don’t: Get caught up in hype. You cannot re-grow hair that has already fallen out. You can take steps to re-thicken thinning hair and prevent further hair loss.

Do: Know that you’re not alone. Hair loss is a common occurrence, especially in men, and more common in women than you may think. Many of the staff at Hairfax have experienced hair loss for themselves
and are happy to share their stories with you. We understand what you’re feeling.

Don’t: Try to treat yourself. Many self-treatment options are meant to be used in combination with other products, but do not clearly indicate this. For example, using a vassal dilator (such as Rogaine),
without a DHT blocker (prescription required), can actually speed up hair loss.

Treatment options

At Hairfax, we offer many treatment options. Your stage of hair loss and desired results will help us determine which option is right for you.

Preventative: If you are just starting to lose your hair, or noticing a reduction in thickness, and would like to maintain the hair you still have, while re-thickening already thinned hair, we may recommend the
Activ8 treatment system.

Non-surgical: If you are a young man or a woman in the early stages of hair loss, a non-surgical solution may be the best option for you. Our non-surgical solutions are made from real human
hair matched to your shade, thickness and texture, giving a 100% authentic look and feel. They are offered in permanent, semi-permanent and removable options. The permanent option allows for
swimming, blow-drying and intense athletic activity.

Surgical: If you are in the later stages of hair loss and are looking for a fully permanent solution, we will likely recommend a surgical procedure. Our surgical procedures combine numerous transplantation
techniques, to replace your lost hair with your own healthy hair from the back of your scalp, to achieve a natural look. Our surgical procedures are virtually painless and transplanted hair begins to grow
within 90 days. You will never lose transplanted hair because the hair from the back of your head has a different genetic composition, which is not susceptible to the effects of DHT.

Wigs: If you suffer from temporary hair loss due to illness, nutritional or hormonal imbalance, a wig solution is often your best option. Our wig solutions are available in a variety of colours and styles,
synthetic or human hair. They are the only real option for complete hair loss.

Ready to discuss your hair loss treatment options? Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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