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“You can’t regrow hair that has already fallen out with a product but you can save and bring back the hair you still have”

Seeing is believing

Our valuable hair scanning imaging device is the only one of its kind in Eastern Canada. It allows us to show you the condition of your hair and scalp in real time on your very first visit, as well as your progress over time. This process not only helps us treat your hair loss effectively but it also gives you the confidence see your progress for yourself.

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PRO | GEN Products

PRO | GEN is a line of products designed to restore thinning hair. The Active Care range of hair care products combines the exceptional properties of plants with the most effective ingredients to restore hair’s health and beauty. We have seen great results in our patients using this line of products:


Designed to strengthen hair at the roots, provide intense hydrating and volumzing benefits and to keep hair looking thicker and healthier. Helps combat hair thinning, loss and aging.


Designed to regulate sebum production, restore the skin’s ecosystem, eliminate toxins and to moisturize the scalp. Helps combat an oily scalp.


Designed to reduce the skin’s sensitivity, moisturize and soften the scalp, calm discomfort and to reduce irritation. Helps combat irritation and discomfort.


Designed to clean the scalp, promote cell vitality and eliminate dandruff. Helps combat product build-up and dandruff.



The men’s and women’s frequence line is designed to relieve, hydrate and purify the scalp. The frequence line is to be used in tandem with the other washing products. Frequence helps combat recurring issues from returning.

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It’s true that you can’t grow back hair that has already gone. Any product that claims it can do this is straight out lying. But you can save and rejuvenate the hair you still have – even hair that is thinning and affected by DHT. Hairfax is the only clinic in Atlantic Canada that provides fully custom solutions that help you keep the hair you have with our line of PRO | GEN products.

We’ve seen many amazing results. Our free consultations have provided many with a convenient maintenance program that saves great emotional stress and money by taking care of the problem now.

Larry Gautreau
Owner – Hairfax Atlantic

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