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Free Consultation

In your initial consultation, Larry will take the time to explain both the causes and stages of hair loss to you. He will also show you a close-up image of your scalp, using our Active8 SanHair device, so you can see how it all pertains to you.

Our Activ8 ScanHair device is the only one of its kind in Eastern Canada. It is a very valuable imaging tool which allows us to show you the condition of your hair and scalp on your first visit, as well as your progress over time.

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Treatments & Solutions

At Hairfax, we offer a variety of hair loss treatment options. No one solution is right for every person who experiences hair loss. That’s why we take the time to get to know you, your hair loss factors and your goals for hair restoration.

Based on our conversations and findings, we will make our recommendation of the best treatment option available for you. We offer the following products and procedures:

Preventative Care

Preventative plans

Using the Active 8 line of products this beginning point is designed to save and rejuvenate the hair you still have.

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We offer five different surgical grafting techniques that will achieve a very healthy and natural look, all in one location.

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Non Surgical


We use a permanent, full-bond technique to ensure maximum hold and custom-fit each piece. We also offer clip-in solutions.

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Our wigs are available in both human and synthetic hair, with a wide variety of colours, styles and textures.

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Maintenance and Progress Tracking Plans

We always take care to ensure a seamless application of all our non-surgical and wig systems.

Monthly maintenance programs ensure that your non-surgical or wig hair system will always look healthy and authentic, so no one else will ever know you’re wearing it.

For our surgical patients, we offer progress tracking plans using our Active8 HairScan system. This device allows us to show you, up close, how well your new hair is coming along.


Financing & Accommodations

Even though you’ll spend 30-40% less than you would elsewhere for equal procedures or services, we know that sometimes you just don’t have that kind of money on hand. With our available on site financing, you can find out in minutes if you are approved and take a big step toward making hair loss a thing of the past.

We go the extra mile to ensure your comfort during and after any procedure. If you’re traveling from out-of-town or simply would like your procedure to remain as discrete as possible, ask us to help you find suitable accommodations in our city.

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What should I do now?

It is never too early to ask questions!

If you suspect you may be experiencing hair loss, seek treatment as soon as possible. Catching hair loss in its early stages means you’ll have more treatment options.