Hairfax Atlantic Pre-Operative Bloodwork Form

Pre-addressed and ready to go!

Dr. Gallant and our qualified team of technicians assist each of our clients by performing a full array of blood tests prior to surgery. Clients’ blood is tested for a wide array of viruses, diseases and disorders that may cause complications either during or after the procedure.

Preliminary blood testing is also important in determining whether or not a client’s hair loss is the result of

  • metabolic issues
  • nutritional complications
  • hormonal imbalances
  • genetic predisposition

If hair loss is occurring because of a lack or iron in the diet, or a lack of estrogen in some women, hair loss may be prevented and even reversed without surgery.

Atlantic Hairfax is the only hair restoration facility to perform such blood work as part of the hair transplantation process. We believe it is of the utmost importance in determining a client’s candidacy for transplantation.

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