A Female Client’s True Story About Hair Loss

*This is a true story about one client’s experience with hair loss. Her name has been changed to protect her privacy. This story was written with her full consent and approval of the content.

Elaine was an energetic go-getter with health on her side, until her immune system, seemingly suddenly, became low and she began experiencing undesirable symptoms, including decreased energy and hair loss. Elaine first noticed she was experiencing hair loss when it began “coming out in clumps” in the

Having a history of eczema on her scalp, Elaine is very sensitive to many hair treatment products. She tried numerous drug store products to treat her hair loss, but found they irritated her scalp condition.

She delayed seeking treatment to see if symptoms would improve on their own. When no improvement was seen after six months, she decided to seek professional help to get the “best products available”. That is when she contacted us at Hairfax.

Elaine found her initial consultation with Larry to be “very informative”. She enjoyed the no pressure environment at Hairfax and described Larry as a “nice, approachable guy” who is “friendly and knowledgeable” and “lets you decide on your own”.

In November of 2012, based on the information Larry offered in her consultation, Elaine decided to try the Activ8 line of preventative hair treatment products. She immediately “fell in love” with the initial three step Cleanse, Shampoo and Condition products, reporting that the products made her hair look and feel “fuller and softer” from the very first day she used them.

In only three months of use, Elaine’s Activ8 scan shows that her previously miniaturized hairs are re-thickening and her sebum (oil/debris) buildup and flaking of the scalp is also improving. She is happy to report that her hair is also no longer falling out in the shower.

Although Elaine’s scalp is sensitive to many brands of hair treatment products found in the drug store, she has experienced no issues with the Activ8 products. In addition to using Activ8, Elaine has made dietary changes that are resulting in improvements in all of her symptoms.

When general hair loss (medical conditions excluded) is treated in the early stages, hair density can be mostly restored without the use of surgical or non surgical replacement. If you are noticing a seemingly abnormal amount of hair loss in the shower, or are experiencing hair loss in general, contact us to schedule your free consultation with Larry today. You’ll be glad you did!

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