As time passes and hair loss progresses, the fear of embarrassment because of hair loss can turn to a fear of embarrassment due to hair restoration. At this point, you realize you would like to seek treatment- to regain some of the fullness your hair once had- but now you worry what friends, coworkers and family will say. Will they notice you’ve had work done? What will they think?

These are very real and all-too-common concerns on the minds of numerous hair loss sufferers. It is important to know that there are options available to make the hair restoration transition less noticeable and also ways to divert attention away from your hair.

Early Treatment

The first, best, and highly encouraged means of creating a seamless transition to fuller hair is to seek treatment in the early stages of hair loss. When caught early on, miniaturized hairs can be returned to their original thickness, restoring your hair’s natural fullness.

The Activ8 line consists of six daily treatment products with all-natural ingredients. When used together, the products re-thicken thinning hair and prevent further hair loss. No surgical or non-surgical procedures are required and since the hair re-thickens over time, the transition is virtually undetectable.

Progressive Replacement

If treatment is sought in the later stages of hair loss, there are progressive replacement options available. Depending on your degree of hair loss and desired fullness, surgical replacement may be completed in a series of progressive stages.

However, depending on your degree of hair loss and desired fullness, surgical replacement may not be the best option for you. But don’t worry. There are various non-surgical options available, including a progressive non-surgical hair replacement system. You can have the look and feel of real hair without surgery.

How to Divert Attention

If, after choosing your best hair restoration option, you are still concerned that your treatment will be noticeable, try changing something else about your appearance to divert attention. For example, you can start or stop wearing glasses; grow or shave facial hair, etc.

To learn more about your hair restoration options, schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation with Larry today. You’ll be glad you did!

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