Many of our Hairfax clients have used the Activ8 line of hair treatment products, with great results. We are very pleased that Activ8 has added another, complimentary, product to their line: the Protek Activ8er Laser Brush developed for in-home use.

Low laser light therapy is one of the most widespread methods of treating thinning hair and scalp-related issues. “Soft” laser light, also known as low level laser energy has been shown to effectively treat and control thinning hair.

Until recently, however, it was a treatment option that could only be obtained in a clinic; performed by a device that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The Activ8er brings laser hair treatment into the comfort of the home. The device has been designed for maximum results, featuring rubber bristles and 7 laser diodes to deliver nourishing laser light to the scalp. Laser hair treatment has been shown to increase blood flow and circulation, encouraging a healthy scalp and improving hair density.

Similar products on the market feature only one laser diode, but use grooved mirrors to give the appearance of multiple lasers.

The Activ8er also features an LCD screen which times each 15 minute treatment. When the session is over, the user is alertedwith a “beep” and the device will automatically shut off.

Learn more about the Active8er and laser hair treatment.

See the Activ8er and learn more about the Activ8 hair treatment system- arrange your free consultation with Larry today!

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