Dr. Gallant knows when surgery is the right call and when it's the wrong call!

At Hairfax, we use a realistic approach to hair loss. By now, you have likely been exposed to information from other hair restoration clinics that would lead you to believe that surgical procedures can give you a full head of hair, just like you had when you were 15.

Depending on your stage of hair loss, this expectation is both unrealistic and misleading, and here’s why:

Hair to be transplanted to the front or top of your head (areas which are likely experiencing some degree of loss) is harvested from the back of your head. There is only so much hair that can be removed from the back of your head and remain unnoticed. Depending on your stage of hair loss, there may not be enough donor hair available to restore your hair to its adolescent density.

In your initial FREE consultation, Larry will discuss your solution option(s) based on your current stage of hair loss, desired outcome and other important factors. Whether your best option for restoration is a surgical procedure or a non-surgical procedure, Larry will take the time to walk you through the process, ensuring you are fully comfortable with your choice prior to moving forward.

Your health and safety are our number one priority. Hairfax Atlantic is one of few hair restoration clinics in North America who requires full CBC preliminary blood work, done on-site, as well as full disclosure of current medications prior to performing any surgical procedure. Certain medical conditions and medications can either be contributing factors for hair loss or limit your qualifications for safe surgery.

Come in and talk to Larry. You’ll be glad you did.

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